SAS Institute Alert Note SN-004155

From: SAS Technical Support (LISTSERV@VM.SAS.COM)
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 13:24:42 EST

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    SN-004155 ***Alert Note***

    Value in combo box may display incorrectly if combo box is active and
    you use Pageup/Pagedown keys to scroll rows

    Product: SAS/AF
    Component: General AF applications
    Priority: ALERT

      Within the Form Viewer control or the Data Form object in a SAS/AF FRAME
      entry, if a combo box is linked to a column and that column is active
      when PageUp or PageDown is pressed, you are taken to the next row.
      However, PageUp or PageDown is then also sent to the active combo box
      and its value is scrolled so the value for that column may be changed.
      Unless you cancel row edits, the new value for the column will be saved
      when you leave this row.

      An alternative to scrolling with PageUp or PageDown is to select Next
      Row from the data form or form viewer's run-mode pop-up or to add a push
      button at the bottom of the frame and send the _vscroll method to the
      form viewer or data form.

      form viewer frame combo box combobox value display incorrectly scroll
      forward backward pageup pagedown page down row incorrect column data
      value in combo box may display incorrectly if combo box is active and
      you use pageup/pagedown keys to scroll rows
      004155 4155

    SAS Note Revised On: Tue, 23 Jan 2001

    System Version Reported Version Fixed

    AIX/6000 8 TSM0
    AIX/6000 8.1 TS1M0
    AIX/6000 8.2 TS2M0
    Compaq Tru64 UNIX 8 TSM0
    Compaq Tru64 UNIX 8.1 TS1M0
    Compaq Tru64 UNIX 8.2 TS2M0
    HP-UX Operating Systems 8 TSM0
    HP-UX Operating Systems 8.1 TS1M0
    HP-UX Operating Systems 8.2 TS2M0
    Intel ABI 8 TSM0
    Intel ABI 8.1 TS1M0
    Intel ABI 8.2 TS2M0
    Linux 8.2 TS2M0
    MIPS ABI 8.1 TS1M0
    MIPS ABI 8.2 TS2M0
    IBM OS/2 8 TSM0
    IBM OS/2 8.1 TS1M0
    IBM OS/2 8.2 TS2M0
    Solaris 8 TSM0
    Solaris 8.1 TS1M0
    Solaris 8.2 TS2M0
    OpenVMS Alpha 8 TSM0
    OpenVMS Alpha 8.1 TS1M0
    OpenVMS Alpha 8.2 TS2M0
    Windows NT 8 TSM0
    Windows NT 8.1 TS1M0
    Windows NT 8.2 TS2M0
    Windows 2000 8 TSM0
    Windows 2000 8.1 TS1M0
    Windows 2000 8.2 TS2M0
    Windows 95 8 TSM0
    Windows 95 8.1 TS1M0
    Windows 95 8.2 TS2M0
    Windows 98 8 TSM0
    Windows 98 8.1 TS1M0
    Windows 98 8.2 TS2M0

    No Fixes Available

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