SAS Institute Technical Support Hot Fix 81BA05

From: SAS Technical Support (LISTSERV@VM.SAS.COM)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 08:22:03 EST

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    Hot fix 81BA05 is available for download.

    This hot fix addresses the PROC REPORT issues in Release 8.1 TS1M0
    of Base SAS software as documented in SAS Notes:

      SN-003246 Using the FLOW option on GROUP variables in
                  conjunction with an ACROSS variable produces
                  undesirable results

      SN-003472 DISPLAY values under an ACROSS variable may
                  incorrectly give missing values when GROUP
                  and BREAK or COMPUTE are specified

      SN-003261 GROUP variable with FLOW option and DISPLAY variable
                 under ACROSS variable causes error

      SN-003587 PROC REPORT abnormally terminates with GROUP
                 and ACROSS variables which have both a BREAK
                 BEFORE and a BREAK AFTER

      SN-003605 BREAK statement and an ACROSS variable with
                 a DISPLAY and ANALYSIS variables underneath
                 may cause error

      SN-003599 COMPUTED variable under multiple ACROSS variables
                 may cause an error

      SN-003798 DISPLAY variable under an ACROSS variable and an
                 ANALYSIS variable under an ACROSS variable may
                 cause error

    To download this hot fix visit:

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