SAS Institute Alert Note SN-003824

From: SAS Technical Support (LISTSERV@VM.SAS.COM)
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 11:51:45 EST

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    SN-003824 ***ALERT NOTE***

    Enterprise Reporter Software Release 2.5 SAS System Edition may fail
    to open

    Product: Enterprise Reporter
    Component: Main
    Priority: ALERT

      Enterprise Reporter Software, Release 2.5, SAS System Edition, was
      originally shipped with the SAS System, Release 8.0 (TS M1). This
      software was shipped with a temporary setinit. This setinit is due to
      expire 01DEC2000. At the end of the grace period after the setinit has
      expired, Enterprise Reporter Software will fail to open.

      When you attempt to start Enterprise Reporter Software with the expired
      setinit, you will be prompted for your userid and password by the login
      screen. Once you enter this information and select the OK button, the
      software will appear to be opening normally, but will then close.

      If you have the -ALTLOG option specified in your configuration file for
      Enterprise Reporter Software, you will see at least one of the following
      error messages in the SAS log:

         ERROR: SAS/MDDB(R) Server or EIS must be licensed to use this object.

         ERROR: Read Access Violation In Task [AFAPPLIC]
         Exception occurred at [address]

      This problem is fixed in the SAS System, Release 8.1 (TS1M0). An
      installation of this SAS System will ensure continued ability to run
      Enterprise Reporter Software, Release 2.5.

      There is, however, one exception to receiving this error. If you
      license SAS/EIS software or SAS/MDDB(R) Server as an add-on product to
      your SAS license, then you will not encounter this problem.

      enterprise reporter er 2.5 sas system edition fail open crash kym 8.0
      8.1 tsm1 setinit license
      enterprise reporter software release 2.5 sas system edition may fail
      to open
      003824 3824

    SAS Note Revised On: Fri, 17 Nov 2000

    System Version Reported Version Fixed

    Windows NT 2.5
    Windows NT 2.5 TSSP1
    Windows 95 2.5
    Windows 95 2.5 TSSP1
    Windows 98 2.5
    Windows 98 2.5 TSSP1

    No Fixes Available

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