SAS Institute Alert Note SN-003580

From: SAS Technical Support (LISTSERV@VM.SAS.COM)
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 14:05:59 EST

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                                      ***ALERT NOTE***
     SAS Note: SN-003580
      Product: ENT MINER
    Component: FILTER.OUT

    Filter outliers node creates incorrect data set if 'select all' is used
    on the class variables or intervals variables tabs

    In Enterprise Miner, it is common practice to select multiple rows in a
    window by click-dragging the mouse, or by using an 'edit - select all'
    technique. If you select multiple rows when choosing class variable
    values to exclude, or interval variable ranges to include, the node may
    not correctly exclude the appropriate observations. If that happens,
    then the data sets (and hence the analyses) created by the filter
    outlier node are incorrect, even though the node shows that the values
    will be excluded. There is no indication that there is any sort of

    The only way to determine if the data sets are incorrect is to examine
    the exported data sets by manually verifying that the class variables
    contain the correct values, and that the interval variables contain the
    correct ranges.

    To circumvent the problem, select each row one at a time when setting
    values to exclude in the class variables tab, or when setting ranges to
    include in the interval variables tab.

    Suppose you have a data set with Variables X1 and X2, and both variables
    contain a level 'A', among other values.
    In the filter outliers node, select the 'class vars tab.' Select both
    X1 and X2 either by click-dragging, or by 'Edit' - 'Select All rows.'
    Right click in the 'values to exclude column,' 'set values to exclude,'
    and click on the histogram bar showing the level 'A'. Close the
    histogram. Now the 'values to exclude' column will show that
    observations with a value of 'A' for X1 or X2 will be exluded from the
    data set. However, due to the bug, level 'A' will be excluded for only
    one of the variables and not for the other. Hence the data sets created
    contain incorrect observations.


    Reported Releases:
    +------------REPORTED------------+ +------FIXED-----+
    System Version Level Version Level

    AIX/R 4.0
    DigitUnx 4.0
    HP800 4.0
    Solaris 4.0
    WIN/NT 4.0
    Win95 4.0

    Fixes Available: None

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