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Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 07:45:14 EDT

 July 8, 1999

                     SAS Institute Technical Support
                      for the "Millennium Weekend"

SAS Institute Inc. will have technical support available continuously
during the "Millennium Weekend" (December 31, 1999-January 3, 2000)
for any issues or problems our customers may encounter with SAS(r)
software products. We have taken numerous steps to make sure that SAS
Institute Technical Support is available to meet your needs over this
important period. Here are details on the availability and scope of
our support services during this holiday weekend:

Technical Support hours--Technical Support staff will be available
continuously from 9:00 AM Eastern Time on Friday, December 31 through
8:00 PM on Monday, January 3. We will also have designated
development staff available during that period.

Contacting Technical Support--Technical support will be available
through our normal Technical Support number (919/677-8008), and will
also be available through our web site (http://www.sas.com/ts) or via
email (support@sas.com).

Prioritization of calls--Problems which cause SAS software not to
function will be given highest priority, with the next highest
priority being given to situations in which the software functions
but does not produce desired results. Y2K-related problems will be
evaluated based on these criteria and will be assigned a priority

On-site support--We cannot provide on-site technical support staff at
customer sites over the Millennium Weekend. If you are interested in
having someone come to your site to assist you with SAS-related issues
over the weekend, you may want to contact one of our Quality Partners
to see if they can provide this service for you. Information on SAS
Institute Quality Partners can be found at

Procedures in place in case of failures in the systems or resources
used by Technical Support staff--We have developed contingency plans
to deal with potential failures. These include backup systems, manual
processing, and redirection of support calls to other offices.

Obviously, an important element of SAS Institute's Year 2000
preparations is to provide prompt and thorough responses to any Year
2000 problems that our customers may encounter. We feel that the
plans described above will enable us to meet this goal.

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