SAS Institute Technical Support will be reorganizing SAS Notes

From: tsdlist@UNX.SAS.COM
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 12:52:41 EDT

Hello all,

On June 30, 1999 SAS Institute Technical Support will be reorganizing the
location of the HTML versions of our SAS Notes. We will also be changing the
structure of Version 7 and later SAS Note numbers.

The reason we are informing you of this event is that many of you may have
bookmarks and/or links to certain SAS Notes on our web site. We also realize
that you may have documentation referring to SAS Notes.

The reorganization affects two areas:

1. The current Version 6 (V6) SAS Notes will have a different directory
structure on our external site.

2. We will no longer refer to SAS Notes above V6 by their release, i.e. V7, V8,
V9, etc.

What is meant by this?

Currently ALL SAS Notes for V6 reside in one subdir on our external site under:

If you go to the link above it will take you to the subdirectory on our external
site and list all 13,000+ files. The browser and Operating System may not have
enough memory to list all 13,000+ filenames and fail to load the full list, in
some cases it may even crash your browser. Our new structure will have
subdirectories which will hold 1000 notes each, thus reducing this and a few
other problems along with increasing the performance of our search engine.

We will be:
1. slightly changing
2. adding a new subdir,
3. removing
      will be replacing the older subdir:

The reason for this change is that we will no longer refer to SAS Notes for the
SAS System release V7 and greater by their release number. The new SAS Notes
(V7+) will be referred to by numbers such as SN-000123.
The SN stands for "SAS Institute Note" as in, "See SN-000123".

Now for the specifics:

V6 changes:
For >>>V6 and only V6<<< we will take the first letter of the SAS Note number
and place the SAS Note into a subdir with that character.

For example, look at the following SAS Notes:
Under the new system they would reside in the following location:

The SAS Note numbering scheme will not change for V6 and below.

V7 and above:
Currently ALL SAS Notes for V7 and V8 reside in one subdir on our external site

On June 30, 1999 we plan on removing the /V7/ subdir and replacing it with /SN/.

These SAS Notes will have a 6 digit number with leading zeros, e.g.
SN-000123. When we create the SAS Notes on our external site they will reside in
subdirectories below:

To understand how these files will be placed in their subdirectories we will
take the first 3 digits of the V7 and above SAS Note number and create a
directory for it to reside in.

For example for the following SN SAS Note:
  SAS NOTE -- SN-000902
It would reside in subdirectory /000/:

Take the first 3 numbers from the SN SAS Note number and that will be the
directory it will be placed in, e.g. /SN/000/ for 000902. This puts 1000 files
per directory allowing the Infoseek search engine to operate more efficiently
and insure a SAS Note resides in a predictable directory.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please let me know.

Thank you,

   John W. Hansen
   SAS Institute Inc.
   Technical Support
   (919) 677-8000 x6438

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