V7 Alert SAS Note 0752

From: tsdlist@UNX.SAS.COM
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 14:51:39 EDT


The ODS OUTPUT statement with BY processing may generate incorrect data

Product: BASE

  Specific variables may have incorrect values in the output table when
  created with the ODS OUTPUT Statement. For this to occur, the following
  two conditions will have to be met:

  1) When there is a grouping of output; most commonly the use of BY

  2) The ODS output table consist of some variables named by ODS in such
     a way that a conflict of variable names could occur. For example,
     if your original variable is SALES, the naming convention for the
     default p-value variable would be to precede the variable SALES with
     with the first letter of the statistic (PSALES). If we have another
     analysis variable by that name, the default p-value variable is
     renamed and maybe incorrect. A note is generated in the log
     documenting the fact that another variable was found with the same

  To circumvent the problem, rename the offending variable before running
  the procedure, or run the procedure separately on each BY group using
  a WHERE statement.


SAS Note Revised On: 24MAY99

System Release Reported Release Fixed

AIX/R 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
CMS 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
DigitUnx 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
HP800 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
MVS 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
OS/2 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
Solaris 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
VMS/AXP 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
VMS 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
WIN/NT 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
Win98 7.00 TS0P1 8.00
Win95 7.00 TS0P1 8.00

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