SAS System 6.12, Maintenance Release TS055, available

From: tsdlist@UNX.SAS.COM
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 13:48:14 EST

To: Users of the SAS System, Version 6.12

The latest maintenance release, Release 6.12 TS055, is now available for the SAS System for the following operating systems:
  OpenVMS Alpha
  Windows 95/98 and NT

This maintenance can be requested from the 'Online Requests' area on Technical Support's web page at:

Please put a comment in the comment field with "Requesting TS055 maintenance" and insuring the proper Operating System is selected. You may also contact our Distribution department directly at (919)677-8000.

TS Note 598 contains the list of fixes included in Release 6.12 TS055 and can be found on Technical Support's web site at:

Thank you,
SAS Institute Technical Support

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